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Dowry Packages Distributed

Layyah – April 28, 2012, Al-Khidmat Layyah has distributed dowry packages among families having daughters of marriageable age, but who did not have the resources to marry them off. The dowry packages were handed out to deserving families…
at the Layyah offices of AlKhidmat Foundation. Twenty deserving families benefitted from the program on this occasion.

Al-Khidmat has a department titled ‘Jahez Fund’ specially tasked with collecting data about families who need monetary and material assistance for the marriage of their daughters, and arranging packages to be handed out to these families.

Each Jahez Fund dowry package is worth anywhere from Rupees 40,000/- to Rupees 50,000/- and consists of a variety of goods to help the newly married couple in setting up a home, including a washing machine, a sewing machine, a pedestal fan, a dinner set, a cooking range with a gas cylinder, a water cooler, a double bed with bedding, a 25 kilogram sack of rice, a prayer mat, a shawl, 10 pieces of unsown suits, some artificial jewelry, and six teacups.